The Interactive Machine Training Room: An Intro to Machine Learning

You read and hear about machine learning every day, and chances are that you’ve probably used it in a sentence or memo or two. But if you’re anything like us, you still have some questions you may be afraid to ask. That’s what our Machine Training Room course is all about: Demystifying complex AI topics and giving you a basic conference, meeting or cocktail party familiarity with them.

Machine learning is essentially any use of algorithms that enable computers to learn from data. If this were a gym workout, algorithms would be any of your physiological attributes that enable you to be healthier, more alert and more energetic. Without data, they’re nothing.

What is machine learning? Does it differ from AI or deep learning? Try our interactive workout to get up to speed on one of today’s most talked-about (and implemented) technologies.



GumGum is an artificial intelligence company with a focus on computer vision. Our mission is to unlock the value of visual content produced daily across diverse data sets. We teach machines to see in order to solve hard problems. Since 2008, the company has applied its patented capabilities to serve a variety of industries from advertising to professional sports, with more to come.
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