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Connected Home for the Holidays?

As a marketer, and more specifically, a marketer that has fully embraced cognitive technology in all of its glory, I’m supposed to wax enthusiastically about digital assistants such as Google Home or the Amazon Echo.


Voice Search Turns Up the Volume

Voice search is about to move from a whisper to a shout, quickly. The fact that Google Home and Amazon Echo both had a starring roles in this year’s Super Bowl is only the latest of evidence of this fact. 

Super Bowl LI: Advertiser Head-to-Head

The Super Bowl is an American institution, but it’s also the “promise land” for advertisers – unrivaled inventory that puts brands in front of more than a third of the U.S. population in just one ad slot.

All I Want for Christmas is My IoT

As I sat in the office the other day turning on the washing machine at home, I realized that almost every electronic device I plan to purchase this holiday season has an Internet connection.