The Story of Green Giant’s Sprout

In September 1972, a mysterious new visitor arrived to the Green Giant’s Valley. Much like the beloved harvest icon, this new character was green and dressed in leaves.

Who is Captain Morgan?

Ahoy, AW360 readers it’s National Rum Day! As we toast one another with a rum and Coke (or two) on this holiday, we’re also reminded to “live like a captain” as Captain Morgan would say.

The Pillsbury Bake-Off is Back!

It’s big news from the little Doughboy and the team at Pillsbury, who are partnering with the Food Network to put a modern spin on the Bake-Off® event for the next generation of home cooks.

The Untold Story of Nestlé’s Farfel the Dog

Before the Nesquik Bunny hopped onto grocery shelves and decades before streaming television, a spunky pup harmonized about the delicious taste of chocolate-flavored milk on black and white TV screens everywhere.